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Authorized Distributor Of Wichita Clutch

Authorized Distributor Of Wichita Clutch

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TorpeyDenver is an Authorized Distributor Of Wichita Clutch and have been helping customers in identifying the clutch/clutch parts that best suits them for over 35 years. TorpeyDenver offers application assistance, on site installation, on site trouble shooting, and on site service.

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Wichita Clutch Parts

Wichita Clutch Parts

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Wichita Clutch Heavy Duty Clutches & Brakes

Tension, Start/Stop, Air Brakes, Hydraulic Units, Water Cooled Units, Soft Start, Engine Driven, Chippers, Delimers and Tub Grinders, Mud Pumps, Crushers and Shakers


Hydraulic Clutches and Brakes

Products Include: CBH Clutch Brake, CBA Clutch Brake, HC-Clutch, HBA Hydraulic Brakes, and HBS Hydraulic Spring Set Brakes

Air Clutch

Air Clutches

LK Clutch, CCB Combination Clutch/Brake, LKM Marine Clutches, LKT Clutch or Brake, SV-Standard Ventilated Clutch, LI High Torque Clutch, LI Clutch, GMC Grinding Mill Clutch, Air Power Take-Offs (PTO), and Mechanical Power Take-Offs

Air Brake

Combination Clutch / Brake Unit, Model LK Brake, Model LKB Brake, Model LKT Clutch or Brake, Low Inertia Brake, LI Spring Set Brake, Mistral Tension Brake, Modevo Modular Tension Brake, Motor Brakes, Motor RB Tension Brake, AirMakks SSB Brake

Water Cooled

Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes

KK – Kopper Kool™ Brake and Kopper Kool Clutch

Fluid Coupling

Fluid Couplings

Mesur-fil fluid couplings

TorpeyDenver and Wichita Clutch Commitment 

TorpeyDenver is a leading distributor of Wichita Clutch’s in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, and Wyoming industrial products. We have engineers on hand to help you find the right Unit for your operation. We offer many services which include installation, maintenance and calibration of all Wichita clutches and brakes.

Since 1949 Wichita Clutch, a division of Altra Industrial Motion, has been a leading manufacturer of heavy duty industrial clutches and brakes. They specialize in power transmission for industrial pneumatic and hydraulically actuated industrial clutches and brakes.

Alta Industrial Motion is a global supplier of high quality Power Transmission and Motion control products. There products are used with any Machinery and Process control involving motion. Their products are marketed under 21 different brand names such as Wichita Clutch, Warner Electric, Industrial Clutch, Formsprag Clutch, Inertia Dynamics, and Boston Gear. Torpey Denver is a top distributor of most Altra Industrial Products