If you are looking for tension control products, then Magpowr has what you need. Their products allow you to increase your output while decreasing your waste. They have many products to choose from including: web tension controls, tension measurements, tension sensors, load cells, electromagnetic brakes and clutches for your process line. All their products are built to with stand all environments. These products will help your operation run smoother.

Torpey an Authorized Distributor of Magpowr and can assist you with engineering and picking the right Magpowr product for your specific needs. Also, Our prices are so good we can’t advertise them, but get a free Online Quote Today.

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Tension and Torque Controls 

Magpowr has a large selection of Tension and Torque controllers that can Automate you Web Tension.

  • cygnusCygnus Tension Control
  • VERSATEC Tension Control
  • Spyder Plus Tension Control
  • Spyder Plus S1
  • Dancer / Follower Arm Control

Load Cells

With a large range of Load Cells you will be able to find you right for your application.

  • tsloadcellsmagpowr-1TS Load Cells
  • GTS Load Cells
  • CL Cantilevered Load Cells for Narrow Web Applications
  • LC-500G Low Tension Load Cells
  • TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells

Load Cell Amplifiers

Magpowr Load Cell Amplifiers have designed to work with their clutches and brakes and other manufactures Clutches and Brakes.

  • ps24PS-24 and PS-90 Power Supply
  • PA-90 and PA-2 Power Amplifiers
  • IPT-E Current to Pressure Transducer
  • IP-80 Current to Pressure Transducer
  • Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifier

Web Tension Readouts

dtr-65Great ways to see what your Web Tension is.

  • DLCA Digital Load Cell Amplifier
  • DTR-65 Digital Tension Readout

Position and Diameter Sensors

us2ultrasonicsensorIf you are looking for a way to Automate Web Handling Application, the US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor, and the Follower Arm Sensor Positioners.

  • US-2 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Follower Arm Sensor Positioners

Pneumatic Brakes

heb_nocoverThe MAGPOWR HEB250 pneumatic brake packs many powerful features into a compact design. Ideal for the demands of general converting and corrugating operations, the HEB produces higher torque at cooler brake pad temperatures. These cooler temperatures along with a thicker brake pad will ensure longer pad life to minimize downtime.

Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

Magpowr has one of the largest selection of Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes in the Industry. If you need assistance in selecting the best clutch or brake for you application, contact us today.

  • c10Global Series Brakes
  • Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Brakes
  • MAGPOWR SOFSTEP® Magnetic Particle
  • B Series Magnetic Particle Brakes
  • B-7V and B-20V Vertical Magnetic Particle
  • Foot Mounted Magnetic Particle Clutch


Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

permatorkSmooth, precise control is the objective of all clutches and brakes, but few achieve one—never mind both—of these goals. MAGPOWR’s innovative Perma-Tork® permanent magnet clutches are capable of producing highly accurate, dependable torque, without the need of an external power source.

Magpowr is a division of Maxcess which has a total of three different divisions.  Magpowr division is known for Tension Control, Fife is know for Guiding and Inspection, and Tideland is know for Slitting and Winding. Most of their products are both UL listed and CE approved.

Torpey Denver is proud to carry all their products.  We pride ourselves on knowing Magpowr’s products, and how to best utilize them.  We have engineers on hand to help you with picking and installing these units. We can also can assist you on maintaining these products to ensure a long operating life. Contact us today if you have any questions on the these products.