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Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

N-Tron has a large variety of industrial grade unmanaged ethernet switches, with a simple pug and play functionality.

Monitored Ethernet Switches

N-Tron Monitored Ethernet Switches give you the simplicity of the unmanaged switches, but with the added ability for remote diagnostics.

Managed Ethernet Switches

These Industrial Grade Managed Ethernet Switches gives you the ability to configure port settings, manage network traffic and remotely monitor your network for critical issues.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

N-Tron’s Power over Ethernet series are designed to transmit power and data over Ethernet.

Media Converters

N-Tron series Ethernet media converters are designed to extend communications links and bridge connectivity between disparate types of media, connectors or speeds.

Wi-Fi Radios

N-Tron series Wi-Fi radios offer industrial protection, outstanding performance and extreme reliability under the harshest conditions.

N-Tron has a large portfolio of Unmanaged Ethernet Switches, Monitored Ethernet Switches, Managed Ethernet Switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wi-Fi Radios, Media Converters, and Serial Converters. N-Tron has joined Red Lion Controls to provide it customers a larger selection of products to choose from, that will meet all industrial requirements.