Magne Clutch

Magne Clutch

Torpey Denver is one of the only Authorized Installing Distributors of Magne Clutches, Magne Brake and Magne Tension Control Products in the Rocky Mountain Region. With 30 years of experience working in the Web Handling Industry, we have become a leader in assisting or customers with Choosing the best Magne Clutch / Brake for their application.

If you have any question about Magne Clutch Products, feel free to call us.

Magne Clutches and Magne Brakes can increase your efficiency and profitability. Since the beginning, friction clutches and brakes have been regulating the speed and loads in majority of Industrial Applications. But since the Introduction of Magne Clutches and Brakes, you now have the ablity to control tension, torque, and acceleration without the wearing of any Parts. How? Because these are Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes which does not have any pads, or gears for the unit to wear out.

Vickers Corporation developed Magnetic Partical Clutch in 1948. And Navy used them in the beginning to control the speed of their generators.

Magne Clutches can be found in a variety of different applications such as; Film, Foil, Paper, Plastics, Printing, Rubber, Textile, Wire, Food/Beverage Process Equipment, Automotive Process, Equipment, Material Handling, Metal Fabricating, and Package Equipment. If you very need assistance with find the right Magne Clutch or Brake for you application, give us a call to assist you.

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