Tidland products are designed to be extremely durable, long lasting, and reliable. They produce the best winding and slitting products on the market, which include core shafts, differential winding shafts, reel spools, air chucks, Boschert safety chucks, pneumatic and electronic knife holders, and slitting systems.

TorpeyDenver is the authorized distributor of Tidland products for Colorado. TorpeyDenver has over 35 year experience, creating industrial solutions for Winding and Sitting for companies in Colorado.

Tidland is part of the Maxcess family which also includes Fife, and Magpowr. All of these world class companies are know to provide operations with a reliable source of Tension Control, Guiding, Slitting, and Winding solutions. Torpey Denver is excited to deliver you these products to you with the expertise second to none. Call us today to help you find the right equipment for your operation.

  • Tidland Ergonomic Shafts and Chucks
    Tidland Ergonomic Shafts and Chucks
    Lightweight Tidland Shafts & Chucks to help any operation with Ergonomic issues

  • Tidland Standard Core Shafts

    Tidland Standard Core Shafts
    Standard Core Shafts for a wide range of unwind and rewind applications

  • Tidland Differential Air Shafts

    Tidland Differential Air Shafts
    Tidland Differential Air Shafts are available for multiple different applications
  • Mill-Duty Shafts / Reel Spools
    Mill-Duty Shafts / Reel Spools
    Big and Heavy. If this describes your requirements for winding and unwinding, the Tidland’s Mill-Duty Shafts / Reel Spools will work best for your operation
  • Narrow Web Shafts
    Narrow Web Shafts
    Tidland’s Narrow Web Shafts were created specifically to meet the needs of narrow-web converters

  • Crushed Core Restorers

    Crushed Core Restorers
    Save your crushed core with Tidland’s Mark I or Mark II Roll Savers. These roll savers are designed to re-open crushed cores
  • Core Chucks
    Core Chucks
    These rugged, high-torque air chucks have established a reputation for reliable, non-slip grip that delivers maximum roll control
  • Safety Chucks
    Safety Chucks
    Safety Chucks are a pre-engineered solution for roll support and torque transfer in unwind and rewind applications
  • NimCor Shafts and Chucks
    NimCor Shafts and Chucks
    NimCor products are used throughout the world by industry leaders who continue to seek superior productivity and web handling performance