Fife Corporation


Fife Corporation

Manufacturing tension, guiding winding slitting and inspection controls is what Fife Corporation been succeeding at since 1939, when they first pioneered the web guiding system.With 70 years of experance, they can provide the best solutions for web guiding, tension control, and inspection. Fife Corporation has and still is serving paper converting, graphic industry, plastic film, non-woven, paper manufacturing, wire, metal, corrugate, tire and rubber, and building materials.

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Products Include

Web Guide Controllers

  • FIFE-500 Web Guiding System
  • Fife D-MAX Series Web Guiding System
  • Fife Polaris DP-20 Web Guide Controller
  • Fife Polaris DP-30 Web Guide Controller
  • Fife OI-TS Operator Interface
  • D-MAX Controller
  • Fife GMA-BL Web Guiding System

Power Units

  • Fife Pneumohydraulic Power Units
  • Fife Electrohydraulic Power Units


  • Infrared Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Visible Light and Laser Sensors
  • Line Guide and other Optical Sensors
  • Pneumatic Sensors


  • Fife Pro-Trac 100 Electromechanical Sensor Positioner
  • Fife Pro-Trac 200 Electromechanical Sensor Positioner
  • Fife Electromechanical or Hydraulic Positioners
  • Fife M-12 Manual Sensor Positioner
  • Fife M-23 Sensor Oscillator

Unwind/Rewind Stands

  • Fife Shifta-Roll Positioning Stands

Offset Pivot Web Guides

  • FIFE-500 Web Guiding System
  • Fife MicroSymat Offset Pivot Guide
  • Fife Symat 25 Offset Pivot Guide
  • Fife Symat 50 Offset Pivot Guide
  • Fife LRB Offset Pivot Guide
  • Fife LRC Offset Pivot Guide

Steering Guide Systems

  • Fife Kantiroller Steering Guides
  • Fife KamberollerĀ® Steering Guides

Web Inspection

  • Fife Scan-A-Web Visual Web Inspection System
  • Fife VEO 600- Video Enhanced Observation