Inertia Dynamics

Inertia Dynamics

Torpey Denver is a leading distributor of Inertia Dynamic’s motion control products, which include electromagnetic clutches and brakes, spring applied brakes, wrap spring clutches and brakes, motor brakes, clutch and brake controls and moment of inertia measurement instruments. Torpey Denver has extensive knowledge of this product line, with expertise on everything from the electromagnetic clutches and brakes to the clutch and brake controls.

Inertia Dynamics is part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group, which includes Wichita Clutch, Warner Electric, Boston Gear, and TB Wood’s Inc. Inertia Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of motion control products. Their products are used in mos industrial markets such as food processing, packaging machinery, material handling, turf and garden and many more.

Altra Industrial Motion Group delivers high quality power transmission products that can withstand all the environments that you see in manufacturing. They have 21 different brands to choose from. They deliver reliable and durable products that have great reputations.

Torpey Denver can help you with selecting the correct Inertia Dynamics unit for you application and can assist you with installing and maintaining their products. Give us a call for a price quote and for delivery information.


Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes

Spring Applied Brakes

Reverse Mounted Spring Applied Brakes, Type FSBR

Wrap Spring Clutches & Brakes

SC Series Wrap Spring Clutches

Motor Brakes

Double C Face, Power Off Brakes

Clutch / Brake Controls

Clutch-Brake Controls

Moment of Inertia Measurement Instruments

Moment of Inertia Measurement Instruments