Control Techniques

Torpey Denver is an Authorized distributor of Control Techniques. Control Techniques offer a wide range of automation products from soft starters to servo systems. Call or email us today.

About Control Techniques

Control Techniques, a Nidec brand, has been at the front of customer-focused drive technology for over 40 years. We’re dedicated to the advancement of automation. From product development at our headquarters to our 45 Automation Centers around the world, we provide solutions relevant to the industries in your region. We ensure high performance, reliability and energy efficiency across every application.

  • AC Drives
    AC Drives
    VFD Range 0.33HP to 1,250Hp
  • AC Motors
    AC Motors
    Motor Range 0.25HP to 670Hp
  • Servo Drives
    Servo Drives
    Pulse Duty Servo Drives, Continuous Duty Servo Drives
  • Servo Motors
    Servo Motors
    Unimotor hd, Unimotor fm, NT motor, XV motor
  • DC Drives
    DC Drives
    Mentor MP, Quantum MP, FXMP25 Field Controller
  • Soft Starters
    Soft Starters
    Digistart D2, Digistart D3
  • Software
    Programming Software
  • Field Service
    Field Service
    Programming and Installation of VFDs, and Servo Systems