Ameridrives Power Transmission


For more than 30 years, Ameridrives Power Transmission has been recognized as a global leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty universal joints for demanding industrial applications. APT universal joints are precisely engineered utilizing the latest design technologies to offer greater dynamic ratings than other universal joints of equivalent size.

Along with the Americardan family, Ameridrives Power Transmission offers a full line of universal joint solutions designed for key market applications including off-highway equipment, metal rolling mills, irrigation systems, metal shredders, cement and rubber mixers, crushers, mining conveyors, pumps, paper calendars and winder rolls.

Ameridrives Power Transmission also provides repair and maintenance service for APT and other manufacturers universal joints and products.

Americardan 2000 & 3000 Series


Domestic manufacture
High torque capacity
Long bearing life
High operating angle capability
One piece yoke and bearing housing construction
Eliminates unnecessary bolted connections and serrations in yokes
Heat treated alloy steel components
Ideal loading across entire bearing length due to balanced deflection between yokes and cross
Replaceable inner bearing race on size U3440 and larger significantly reducing cross-maintenance expenses
Available in four basic types
Technical support and engineering services available
Extensive repair facility
Special sizes and designs available upon request
Large sizes available

Americardan 5000 Series


Building on over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty universal joints, Ameridrives Power Transmission (APT) introduces the 5000 series of universal joints. Currently available in five sizes with swing diameters ranging from 225mm to 390mm with larger sizes in preparation in excess of 1000mm. Static torque capabilities range from 54 kN-m to 5060 kN-m rated capacity.

Utilizing a proven one-piece yoke optimized with finite element analysis methods permit use of a larger diameter bearing cap, thus accommodating a larger bearing package and cross journal. Larger bearings assures higher capacity longer life universal joints for a given swing diameter. A round bearing cap also provides a more robust and efficient design. Yokes and crosses are balanced in terms of strength and deflection. The resulting joints are 130-200% greater endurance and peak capacity compared to former 3000 series for a given swing diameter.



Ameridrives Power Transmission purchased the design, equipment and manufacturing rights to the Twin Disc J-line of universal joints in March, 2000. Building on the nearly half century of experience by Twin Disc, Ameridrives is now producing universal joints to the same exacting standards as the original Twin Disc. Designated as APTD, Ameridrives Power Transmission now has seven sizes of industrial U-joints: J-170, J-230, J-310, J-490, J-600, J-800, and J-1200, with different types in each size. The types vary according to range and method of accommodating axial slip. Static torque ranges from 4250 lbs. ft. to 26,000 lbs. ft. The static brinell capacity of the roller bearings in the U-joint is approximately twice the rated capacity of the joint. The yield point of the yokes and cross in the U-joint is approximately 2-1/2 times the rated capacity. The yield strength varies with the yoke design.

All APTD Model J Series U-joints use high-wing bearing cap design exclusively. High wing construction provides longer capscrews for attaching the bearing caps. The longer capscrews will remain tight under the most severe operating conditions. High-wing bearing caps, together with externally wrenched capscrews, permit use of a larger diameter bore in the cap, thus accommodating a larger bearing. This larger bearing assures longer U-joint life for a given swing diameter. The wing-type bearing cap design also provides a lighter and more serviceable assembly. Since companion flanges are not required as in round bearing types, the centerline of the U-joint is closer to the bearings in both driving and driven machinery. Thus, overhanging loads are minimized.

Irrigation Driveshafts


AmericardanĀ® irrigation universal joint driveshafts provide a cost effective means to transmit power from the engine to the pump or generator of an irrigation set. Installation time is reduced as the need for critical alignment tolerances required by other types of couplings is eliminated. The telescopic feature eliminates the need for movement of machinery for installation or maintenance removal. The telescopic feature also allows motion during operation or no-load conditions.