Wichita Water Cooled Clutch

wichita water cooled clutch

Each Wichita Water Cooled Clutch is designed to be  durable and reliable.

Torpey Denver is here to asist you with any questions you might have on pricing, application, and ordering, so give us a call today!

KK – Kopper Kool™ Brake and Clutch


These Wichita Water Cooled Clutch and Brake are designed for slipping application and is built to be installed for  end-shaft or through-shaft mounting. Learn More…

AquaMaKKs water cooled clutches and brakes


These models are designed in three different sizes, 19″, 25″, and 36″.  These units are built for either pneumatically or hydraulically controlled. Minimal maintenance is required and creates little ware to deliver you long unit life. Learn More…

wcbAM Water Cooled Brakes


This Wichita Water Cooled Clutch / Brake is a light weight version of the AquaMaKKs. Built with a light weight composite material that is corrosion resistant. Learn More…

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