Load Cell Amplifiers By Magpowr

If your operation is looking for something to amplify your tension measurement signal, then Magpowr Load Cell Amplifiers are what your operation needs. These amplifiers are state of the art design, that are easy to install and ready immediately. Magpowr has multiple units available (TSA, LCA, and the IS-2) to be deployed for your operation.

Torpey Denver is excited to carry all Magpowr Load Cell Amplifiers, and are ready to be shipped to your operation, so give us call to order.

Load Cell Amplifiers

MAGPOWR Load Cell Amplifiers

Load Cell Amplifiers

If your looking for amplifiers for your  drift and linear performance applications the Magpowr  TSA and LCA Load Cell Amplifiers are the best choice on the market. These units are designed to be able  to accurately measure the tension in any web, wire, and strand in motion. Learn More…

MAGPOWR Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifier

load cell amplifier

The  MAGPOWR IS-2 Intrinsically Safe Load Cell Amplifier is the the safest Load Cell on the market, with the highest UL listed rating. This unit is designed to be safe in the most hazardous conditions, where safety is the number one priority. Learn More…

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