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700 Series Worm Gear

700 Series Woprm Gear

CFA700 Series


800 Series Helical Gear Drives

800 series

600 Series Helical Gear Drives


200 Series Helical Gear Drives


Planetary Motor Multiplier

motor multipler

Enclosed Gear Drives Washdown Solutions

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Enclosed Gear Drives Parts Lists

Reducer Express

 Features and Benefits

Boston Gear enclosed gear drives has many to choose from, including worm, in-line and parallel-shaft helical, miter, and bevel, provides you with the product variety you need to get the job done. Factor in our Guaranteed Same Day Shipment Program, which ensures rapid delivery, or our innovative Reducer Express™, which ensures overnight delivery, and you’ll see why Boston Gear’s speed reducers are preferred by manufacturers worldwide. In fact, every time you specify a Boston Gear product, you incorporate quality, responsiveness, and Boston Gear’s 123-year reputation into your design.CFA700 Series

  • Boston Gear’s wide range of products will satisfy an equally wide range of applications, from worm gear and helical to spiral and straight tooth bevel designs
  • Virtually all Boston Gear products are assembled in the USA.
  • All enclosed gear drives are designed to the highest quality standards. Most are manufactured in ISO 9002-certified facilities for the kind of trouble-free performance you can count on.
  • Boston Gear offers the industry’s most responsive delivery programs to ensure that you get the product when you need it – with no hassles!
  • Boston Gear also offers a selection of the complementary PT products you rely on to complete your drive train, including motors, couplings, open gearing, clutches, AC/DC drives, and bearings.