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Thomson Linear Actuators are easy to mount and operate, require no maintenance, don’t leak hydraulic fluid, are easy to incorporate into an automated process and once installed they will work reliably under the toughest conditions year after year. With their compact size, actuators can be located in confined areas. An actuator with a 4 inch stroke length can produce 2000 lbf of force from an 11 inch package. All Thomson Linear Actuators incorporate strong, high quality components to assure trouble-free service. Rugged spur, worm or helical gearing, aircraft quality lubricants and high performance motors provide the maximum life and value. The actuators are gasketed and sealed throughout for protection in wet, dirty and oily environments and are ideal for use on outdoor equipment. The rod style actuators have stainless steel or aluminum extension tubes to resist corrosion. All adjustments and lubrication are made at the factory and no maintenance is required or recommended. Consistent, repeatable performance is provided for the entire lifetime of the actuator.

Stroke lengths of 1 to 36 inches are available and speeds are as high as 3 inches per second. Actuators are easy to apply, quick to install and usually only requiring two wires for operation. A wide variety of options and controls makes it easy to find the perfect actuator for your application. And if you have special needs, cost effective custom solutions are our specialty.

Motors used on Electrak actuators utilize thermal switches in their windings or Electronic Load Monitoring to shut the actuator off in case of overheating. A standard overload clutch or Electronic Load Monitoring will stop the motion if the load is too great or at the end of a stroke. All linear actuators will hold their loads with power removed.

Thomson linear actuators – rugged, reliable remote linear motion control with the push of a button.

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