TB Woods V Belts and Sheaves

For Assistance with TB Woods V Belts and Sheaves, Please Call or Email TorpeyDenver today. We have been working with TB Woods V Belts for over 25+ years and have been assisting our customers with installation, trouble shooting, servicing TB Woods Products. Call or Email us with any questions or pricing you might have.

Premium V-Belt Drives

TB Wood's Premium V-Belt Drives

Choose from two types of V Belt Drives, Premium Banded Belts and Premium Single Belts

Narrow (Ultra V) Sheaves & V-Belts

Narrow Ultra V Sheaves

These Belts transmit more horsepower than classical V-belts

Classical (Conventional) Sheaves & V-Belts

Classical V-Belt Sheaves

include five cross sections: A, B, C, D, and E and these sections are a continuing development of the original V-belts of the 1930’s.

Light Duty (FHP) Sheaves & V-Belts

TB Wood's Light Duty Sheaves

Bored to size from 1/2 TO 1-1/2 inches.

Poly-V Sheaves

TB Wood's Poly V Sheaves

Provide a True Clamp Fit and Are Easy to Install and Remove

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