Red Lion HMI Products


Graphite PanelsG509_web

The Red Lion Graphite series of HMI operator panels features modular connectivity, touchscreen display and a rugged design with expanded environmental ratings. The Graphite series offers unparalleled expandability and unparalleled expansion and capability in the industry. Learn more.

G3 Panels

Red Lion's G3 series of HMI operator panels offer expanded connectivity with built-in Ethernet and a CompactFlash card socket standard, and up to 5 high-speed serial ports. The G3 series also includes data-logging and web-serving, making access to data quick and easy. Learn more.
G3 Kadets

Red Lion's G3 Kadet series of HMI operator panels are available with 4.3" or 7" color touchscreen displays offering Ethernet and high-speed serial ports for connectivity. In addition, the Kadet also features easy configuration using Crimson® software. Learn more.

Red Lion HMI or Human Machine Interface, delivers you the control and functionality that every operator is looking for. In 1976 is when they started manufacturing Panel Meters, Counters, and Timers. Since the started manufacturing Panel Meters, they have been the worldwide leading manufacturer of panel meters even to this day. Red Lion HMI products are highly reliable and durable, and with the flexibility that every operation is looking for. There is no question when you purchase a Red Lion Product you become a fan of theirs.

For 30 years Torpey Denver has been working with Red Lion HMI products and have extensive knowledge regarding installation and maintenance of their products. Give us a call today if you have any questions about their products.

Operator Interface

Red Lion Controls delivers you operating interface systems that are built to withstand the rugged life that comes with every industry. They carry three types of operator interface systems and they are the G3 Kadets, G3 Panels and the Graphite series. The Graphite Series was released just this past year.