Magpowr Web Tension Readouts

Every operation needs to know what there web tension is, Magpowr Web Tension Readouts allows the operators to know exactly what there web tension is. This tension readouts are accurate and durable for any operation. These units are easy to install and calibration for any application. These units are very accurate, and will Improved productivity.

 Magpowr carries three different units and they are, Digital Tension Readout, Analog Tension Readout, and the Digital Tension Meter. These models are extremely long lasting and Durable.

Torpey Denver representives pride ourselves on knowing Magpowr products and what applications they are best suited for. Call us today with any questions or concerns you might have.

Magpowr Web Tension Readouts

MAGPOWR Digital Tension Readout

Magpowr Web Tension Readouts

The  MAGPOWR’s DTR Digital Tension Readout lets you know weather your operation is running at the right tension. This is a very easy to use, and install unit. Learn More…

MAGPOWR Analog Tension Readout

TR-5 Tension Readout

The MAGPOWR’s TR-5 Tension Readout is very accurate, so accurate that it has total system accuracy better than 1%. This unit will improve you overall productivity. Learn More…

MAGPOWR Digital Tension Meter

Digital Tension Meter (DTM)

The  MAGPOWR Digital Tension Meter is an accurate tension output meter that won’t brake the bank. Learn More…

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