Magpowr Pneumatic Brakes Are Ready For Delivery

Magpowr Pneumatic Brakes

Magpowr  Pneumatic Brakes are designed to give you constant tension on unwind applications. They have two sleek designed brakes they are the Smart Brake, and the  High Efficiency Brake. They both deliver the performance that any operator needs and wants.

Torpey Denver is proud to carry all of Magpowr Pneumatic Brakes, with there performance and our expertise you can’t go wrong with these brakes. For pricing or ordering, please give us a call or email and speak to a friendly Torpey Denver representative today.

Magpowr Pneumatic Brakes

MAGPOWR High Efficiency Brake (HEB250)

This Brake is constructed for rugged industrial environments, with it’s cast iron rotor, and  bi-directional flute design. The HEB250 delivers you accurate control of web tension. Learn More…

MAGPOWR Smart Brake

The Smart Brake is constructed with a single-rotor, dual-flute, and high-output design. It has minimal maintenance required This unit is UL and CE approved. Learn More…

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