Magpowr Load Cells For Any Application

magpowr load cells

All Magpowr Load Cells are built to withstand all industrial conditions, with a built-in mechanical overload stops in both force directions. If your looking for accuracy then Magpowr Load Cells are what you are looking for. All of the units have a Wheatstone bridge arrangement of four foil strain gauges. Torpey Denver carries all of Magpowr Load Cells. and will assist you with any questions you might have.


Magpowr Load Cells



There are three different types of the Magpowr TS load Cells, They are Split coupling models, In-roll coupling models, and Wire pulley models. All of these units will give you complete control of your tension no matter the temperature of the day. They have a very low temperature drift zone of (.02% per º C). The small sizes makes the easy to install into tight spaces. These TS load Cells are built very strongly to with stand all industrial environments. They are very accurate in all tension applications.  Learn More…

MAGPOWR Global Load Cells (GTS)

Global Pillow Block Load Cells

The GTS global Load Cells are extremely accurate and are designed to be on each side of the sensored roll to get your precise tension. These Magpowr Load Cells are highly reliable, due to the safety mechanisms in place, such as the  positive overload stops prevent load cell damage. Learn More…

MAGPOWR CL Cantilevered Load Cells

Well you just found the most cost effective Load Cells on the market! MAGPOWR CL Cantilever Load Cells can accept most any type of roll and shaft asmebly on the market, which makes these unit the operators and engineers prefered Load Cells. These can be mounted in or outside any machine. Learn More…

MAGPOWR TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells

TSU Under Pillow Block Load Cells

These units are built strong with overload stops as a stander feature, and they have the load capacity of 50 to 5,000 lbs. They are very easy to install. They are also UL and CE approved. Learn More…

MAGPOWR Low Tension Load Cells

LC-500GS1 & LC-500G Low Tension Load Cells for Single Stand Applications

The  Magpowr Low Tension Load cells work the best with single strand applications. If your working with lighter, thinner, finer material you might consider trying these Magpowr Load Cells. Learn More…

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