Boston Gear Clutches

Boston Gear Clutches

Boston Gear offers the industry’s most diversified line of clutches, with mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic clutches to suit most any application.
Since 1998, when Boston Gear acquired Centric Clutch, we have been manufacturing the Trig-O-Matic and Trig-O-Matic Lite overload release clutches at our Charlotte, North Carolina plant. Our complete selection of torque overload devices, along with our Model H clutch and our entire line of centrifugal clutches, comes with Boston Gear’s 120 years of mechanical power transmission expertise – so ask for Centric™ clutches by name. Because we apply the same quality standards to all of our products, you’ll find our electrical and clutches offer exceptional performance, as well.

For a complete list of other types of clutches, visit our sister companies.

  • Warner Electric: electro magnetic
  • Marland Clutch: backstops and overrunning
  • Formsprag: overrunning and hold backs
  • Wichita Clutch: pneumatic and hydraulic
  • Industrial Clutch: pneumatic and hydraulic

Features and Benefits

Boston Gear Mechanical Clutches

  • Friction torque limiters ensure operating security.
  • Single- and multi-position ball, roller, and pawl notch clutches afford accurate re-engagement for superior performance.
  • Torque ratings from 25 to 50,000 Lb. In. satisfy diverse engineering requirements.
  • Multiple mounting styles fit a variety of configurations.
  • Well known industry brand names, such as Trig-O-Matic, H1600, and Trig-O-Matic Lite mean quality products.

Boston Gear Pneumatic Clutches

  • Two styles – H2000 and VariTorque – are suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Single-position ball or pawl notch clutches promote precision operation.
  • Torque ratings from 120 to 33,000 Lb. In. accommodate a broad range of design requirements.
  • The electroless nickel finish ensures superior corrosion resistance for enhanced performance.
  • A complete line of air preparation accessories makes installation and maintenance easier and more cost effective.

Boston Gear Electrically Activated Clutches

  • AC and DC models permit use in a wide variety of applications.
  • Shaft mounted, C-face, and foot mounted styles satisfy multiple design configurations.
  • Clutch torque ratings from 144 to 1,000 Lb. In. fit a wide range of needs.
  • Brake torque ratings from 36 to 1,800 Lb. In. accommodate diverse specifications.
  • The availability of 90 VDC power supplies permit use in a wide range of settings .